General Liability

General Liability

The necessary financial protection against claims and lawsuits that no business should be without.

Today’s society is increasingly litigious and for businesses, the likelihood of a lawsuit is a reality for which you just have to plan. As a business owner you know how important it is to have protection and coverage for all the possible woes, mishaps and other risks for which your business is exposed to daily. Even small incidents can result in large lawsuits potentially draining your finances and possibly diminishing everything you have worked so hard to build.
With this ever so common possibility to be brought into a lawsuit, it is critical for all businesses to have a general liability insurance policy in place to offer financial protection to help keep your business intact.

General Liability Insurance
Specifically protects the assets of a business if a claim/lawsuit is brought up against them for causing property damage or personal injury as a result of something a business may or may not have done. A General Liability policy shields a business from the expense of out-of-court settlements, litigation, damages, court fees and judgments awarded by courts.
From slip and fall accidents to slander and copyright infringement, our licensed professional staff can provide you with a comprehensive and affordable general liability policy so that your business can be equipped with the protection it needs to face these unexpected events.

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