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Benefit Communication & Enrollment Services

These services are to ensure that an employer’s entire benefit program is efficiently communicated and fully appreciated by the employees and the families of the employees. Since employee benefits are one of the largest expenses for any entity, it is important that they are communicated well so employees understand and efficiently utilize the benefits to gain the highest level of satisfaction. This appreciation of the benefits and the satisfaction on the part of the employees maximizes the employers recruiting and retention efforts. Nationally, the loss of an employee costs employers six months of that person’s salary for replacement and training. The reduction of employee turnover is just one of the factors that these services are intended to help an employer with. In addition, we will provide the best possible benefit options at the lowest cost while ensuring the most significant FICA tax savings.

We partner with Brokers, Consultants and Corporations of any size, number of locations and employee work schedule to ensure effective communication of the employers benefits program.

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